Call for Papers

CETA Implications Conference
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Sept 27-28 2019

The CETA Implications Conference will bring together scholars  and stakeholders who are analyzing the programmatic and legislative changes undertaken to bring the Canada European Union Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) to fruition in Canada, at the EU level and in member states. The conference will bring together participants to present research on CETA implementation and the early implications of the agreement for legislation, regulation, and public policy. The contributors will be asked to trace the early implications of CETA implementation and to analyze early evidence of policy changes and economic impacts.

This call for papers seeks to secure widely representative participation across academic institutions, civil society organizations, business associations, and government agencies. We seek a diverse mixture of established and new scholars, academics, practitioners and stakeholders to ensure a cross-fertilization of ideas and intermingling of perspectives among diverse constituencies. Proposals are welcomed from scholars and graduate students from Europe and Canada to evaluate and debate the issues surrounding CETA implementation on both sides of the Atlantic. Participation from young scholars and analysts is particularly encouraged.

The areas to be covered include many elements of this comprehensive agreement including investment disputes resolution, intellectual property, regulatory cooperation, labour and professional mobility, public procurement, pharmaceuticals, trade of agricultural and other goods, environmental and labour elements and impacts.  The project will publish an edited volume derived from the papers submitted to the conference. If sufficient interest and participation is achieved, an Erasmus funded network application will be put together linking participants in academic and stakeholder organizations engaged in research on transatlantic trade for the period 2020-23.

Interested participants should send an abstract and CV to by May 1, 2019

Download Call for Papers_2019.

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